Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What about the traffic congestion Mr Mayor?

I'm still waiting to see any improvement in the traffic situation in Houston. It has become abundantly clear that city hall is clueless on how to deal with the ever growing traffic congestion problem. Metro is inept beyond measure. I can't think of a program they implemented in the last 30 years that reduced traffic by any measure - much less made getting around the city any easier. Time to hold politicians accountable and so let us look back to what Mayor Turner had to say on this matter.


Testifying at TX Transportation Comm

Newly elected Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner traveled to Austin to deliver a rousing speech to the Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) today saying that the transportation strategies of the past are not sufficient to meet today’s needs. The TTC plans to allocate $1.3 billion to road expansion projects today, the first major spending of Prop 7 funds.

He said that an approach that focuses on single occupant vehicle road expansion is actually exacerbating our congestion problems in Houston, that “we need a paradigm shift,” and that “congestion has not been alleviated.”

He requested that the TTC consider three points:
1. We need a paradigm shift in prioritizing mobility services that prioritize reducing single occupant vehicle trips.
2. We must invest more in our urban cores.
3. We need TXDOT to collaborate with our cities to find comprehensive solutions and ensure that the last mile infrastructure receives the same attention as the freeways.

Mayor Turner presented the work of TXDOT - Houston District staff on the proposals for the I-45 Corridor in Houston as a good example of the type of collaboration he believes is necessary.

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